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77 años de California.
Retired REGISTERED NURSE, Widower. Wanting a nice mature Female, who is LOYAL, HONEST, HAPPY, RELIGIOUS, LOVING and will be satisfied with one man, ME. Likes to hold hands in public, be a friend, a lover, and a wife. I wish to be married, to some female THIS YEAR. NO LONGER WISH TO BE ALONE. IF YOU WANT THE SAME, CONTACT ME. I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH, BUT MY PHONE CAN TRANSULATE. SO ITS UP TO YOU. PLEASE, NO play mind games, or scammers. This is a honest request. Thank you. I have my own retirement funds to on.

34 años de California.
Hola DIOS LES BENDIGA , considero que empezar con una Bonita amistad es importante, y de ahí vienen Grandes relaciones con la ayuda de DIOS, lo importante es conocernos y aceptarnos

30 años de California.
Hola Dios les bendiga ando buscando a una pareja k sea sisera y k amé adiós y asu familias ??